Sally Ann Drucker presents: Feminism Then and Now (Ohio Chautauqua, Youth Workshop)

Kids, on Tuesday, June 12 at 10:30 AM, join us in welcoming Sally Ann Drucker, living historian, portraying Betty Friedan.

Betty Friedan (February 4, 1921 -- February 4, 2006) was an American writer, activist, and feminist. Her writings, advocacy, and leadership were instrumental to the second wave of American feminism. 

Sally Ann Drucker's presentation will focus on an early landmark document in the feminist movement.

Fred Blanco presents: Zoot Suit Riots (Ohio Chautauqua, Adult Workshop)

Adults, on Tuesday, June 12 at 2:30 PM, join us in welcoming Fred Blanco, living historian, portraying Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez (March 31, 1927 -- April 23, 1993) was a labor leader and a civil rights activist. He traveled throughout California making speeches in support of workers' rights and urged Mexican Americans to register and vote. 

In this presentation, Fred Blanco will discuss the impact of the Zoot Suit Riots on Cesar Chavez.

Erma Bombeck as presented by Susan Marie Frontczak (Ohio Chautauqua)

The opening performance of Ohio Chautauqua's Modern Legends tour will commence under the big red and white tent located at the City Park.

On Tuesday night, June 12, at 7:30 PM, scholar Susan Marie Frontczak will present an in-character performance as Erma Bombeck, humorist, author, newspaper columnist, and Ohio native.

Live dulcimer music performed by Linda Sigismondi will begin at 6:30 PM.

James Armstead presents: The Airplane, Flying the 20th Century (Ohio Chautauqua, Youth Workshop)

Kids, on Wednesday, June 13 at 10:30 AM, join us in welcoming James Armstead, living historian, portraying Benjamin O. Davis, Jr.

Benjamin O. Davis, Jr. (December 18, 1912 -- July 4, 2002) was the first African-American general officer in the US Air Force. He was commander of the first all-black air unit, the 99th Fighter Squadron and commander of the 332nd Fighter Group (part of the Tuskegee Airmen) during World War II.


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