Fit and Fun Pass Policy

To borrow a gym pass under the Library's Fit and Fun Pass Lending Program, a patron must have a good-standing Bossard Library card and be at least thirteen (13) years of age. All patrons must sign the Library's lending agreement and liability waiver prior to borrowing a gym pass. Minors (those under the age of 18) are required to have a parent/guardian present before a gym pass will be issued to the minor. This minor and his/her parent/guardian must sign the lending agreement, and the parent/guardian must sign the parental consent and liability waiver before the gym pass will be issued to the minor. The Library's lending agreement, liability waiver, and parental consent form must be completed each time a patron borrows a gym pass. 

Available gym passes may be borrowed at any time during the calendar month; however, these passes will expire on the last day of each month. For example, a patron borrows a pass on June 1. This pass will be valid until June 30, providing one month of gym access. If a patron borrows a pass on June 15, the pass will expire on June 30, providing 2 weeks of gym access. No more than one gym pass may be borrowed on a patron's card at any one time. Passes may only be used by the patron on whose Library card the pass is borrowed. A patron may not borrow a gym pass for the same gym facility for consecutive months, and may not borrow a gym pass more than three (3) times per year for the same gym facility.

Patrons are permitted to place holds on the Library's Fit and Fun gym pass. Patrons will receive a hold notice by their preferred method of notification, as entered in the Library's database. The patron will have five (5) days from the time this hold notice is generated in the Library's automated system to retrieve their pass. After five days, the pass will be made available to the next borrower. Patrons are responsible for ensuring that their preferred method of notification is correct and up-to-date (for example, current mailing address, phone number, or e-mail address).

Gym passes may not be renewed. All patrons borrowing a pass agree to abide by the rules of the respective facility to which the pass provides access. Failure to follow the borrowing policies of the Library and/or failure to follow the policies of the gym facility may result in the patron being denied future access to any Fit and Fun gym pass. 

Borrowing patrons acknowledge that, before using the gym facilities, additional liability waivers and agreements may be required by the facility. Additional rules and regulations also may be imposed by participating gym facilities. The Library is not responsible for the content or requirements of any waivers, agreements, rules, or regulations imposed or required by a gym facility.

As a condition of receiving a gym pass from the Library's Fit and Fun program, adult patrons (as well as parents/guardians of minors who borrow a pass) must acknowledge and give consent for the Library to share their personal information and that of their minor child with external  gym facilities for administrative purposes connected with the Fit and Fun gym pass. This information includes, patron name, minor child's name, and the address, phone number, birthdate, and the last four digits of the Library barcode for the patron and minor child (if applicable). This sharing of information is necessary to inform the gym which patrons have borrowed the passes and are permitted access to the facility.

In addition, borrowing patrons agree as a condition of receiving a gym pass to allow a participating gym facility to share with the Library the number of times the borrower's gym pass has been used during the month and whether the gym facility has restricted or prohibited the borrower from using the gym facilities. 

As explained in the lending agreement and liability waiver and release, the borrowing patron, and the legal parent or guardian of any minor to whom a gym pass is issued, agree to hold harmless the Library, its Board of Trustees, officials, and staff from any liability arising from the use of the Fit and Fun pass.

(as approved by the Library Board 09/2020)